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10 Things that Scare Athletes On the Field


Our favorite athletes play their respective games with reckless abandon, often making the very difficult look very easy. But we all know there has to be some internal fear during the highest level of competition. With Halloween upon us, Athlon Sports Monthly polled some sporting stars on "What scares you on the field?"

“I don't have any phobias. Probably too dumb. I've been in the scariest (setting) — played seven years for the Yankees. Played at Yankee Stadium. Been in the rivalry with Boston.”
—Jason Giambi, Colorado Rockies

“Nothing, can’t play with fear. You’re beat if you play with fear.”
—Shea Weber, Nashville Predators

“I would say what would scare me most on the field is not living up to the expectations of Cardinals fans. If that makes sense. Not living up to the great names who have pitched before here. The respect I have for them, for the organization, the town, that’s why. True story. I’m not trying to be sappy. That’s the driving force for me.”
—Adam Wainwright, St. Louis Cardinals

“I played in the USA All-America Game coming out of high school. I think we had like 20 players who now are in the NFL playing in that game. Reggie Bush, Steve Smith, Donte Whitner... It was intimidating to see some of those players from other states you had only heard about.”
—Tarell Brown, San Francisco 49ers

“Well, me. I'm scared of what I might do. That's an honest answer."
—Udonis Haslem, Miami Heat

“Pre-snap penalties. I’ve had a few. You just don’t want them to happen. You don’t want to be the only guy singled out, because when you mess up you’re the only guy out there.”
—Khalif Barnes, Oakland Raiders

“Messing up and getting somebody else hurt.”
—Owen Schmitt, Oakland Raiders

“I would say when you can’t see the puck. It’s just a bad feeling, you’re kind of lost in there a little bit and you can’t see the puck. That’s probably one of the worst feelings I have on the ice.”
—Chris Mason, Nashville Predators