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Everything a Fan Should Know About the Super Bowl


They say knowledge is power. And we believe that. That's why we're going to make you the most powerful person at this year's Super Bowl XLVII party. Here is everything you need to know about the Big Game (and probably some stuff you don't) to wow your friends and random strangers as they destroy your living room. 

Super Bowl XLVII

When is it? Feb. 3, 2013, Kickoff at 6:30 pm ET

Where? Mercedes-Benz Superdome, New Orleans


The NFC is the designated home team and will have choice of jersey.

The winning team receives the Lombardi Trophy, produced by Tiffany is 20.75 inches tall and weighs 107.3 ounces (6.7 pounds)

The Teams of Super Bowl XLVII

• Baltimore Ravens

How they got to Super Bowl XLVII: Champions of AFC North (10-6), defeated Indianapolis 24-9 in AFC Wild Card round, defeated Denver 38-35 in double OT in AFC Divisional round, defeated New England 28-13 in AFC Championship Game

Founded: In November 1995, Art Modell, then-owner of the Cleveland Browns announced his intentions to relocate his franchise to Baltimore. The NFL approved the move in February 1996. The relocated Baltimore franchise was named the Ravens after a Baltimore Sun telephone poll received a record number of calls supporting the name. The name was inspired by Edgar Allen Poe’s famous poem from 1845, “The Raven.”

Super Bowl Championships (1)

Conference Championships (7)

Division Championships (4)

Playoff appearances (9)

Head-to-head vs. San Francisco 49ers: 3-1 (.750), last meeting taking place Nov. 24, 2011 Baltimore 16, San Francisco 6 at Baltimore.  

• San Francisco 49ers

How they got to Super Bowl XLVII: Champions of NFC West (11-4-1), defeated Green Bay 45-31 in NFC Divisional round, defeated Atlanta 28-24 in NFC Championship Game

Founded: Originated in 1946 as a charter member of the All-American Football Conference (AAFC). Joined the NFL in December 1949 when the AAFC and NFL merged. The name “49ers” comes from the name given to the gold prospectors who arrived in Northern California around 1849 during the California Gold Rush. It is the only name the team has ever had. The 49ers are the oldest major professional sports team in California.

Super Bowl Championships (5)

Conference Championships (5)

Division Championships (19)

Playoff appearances (25)

Head-to-Head vs. Baltimore Ravens: 1-3 (.250), last meeting taking place Nov. 24, 2011 Baltimore 16, San Francisco 6 at Baltimore. 

Halftime Hottie
Beyonce will take the stage at halftime for a reunion with Destiny's Child and possibly even a duet with her husband, Jay-Z. This isn't Beyonce's first Super Bowl, however; she sang the national anthem prior to kickoff of Super Bowl XXXVIII in her hometown of Houston. 

Super Bonuses

How much extra money does a player in the Super Bowl get?

Super Bowl I

Winner’s Share: $15,000

Loser’s Share: $7,500

Super Bowl XLVII

Winner’s Share: $88,000

Loser’s Share: $44,000

Galloping Tosser

Prior to Super Bowl XII, Red Grange was the first celebrity coin tosser. For the first 11 games, officials flipped the coin.

Must-See TV

• The last four Super Bowls have topped 150,000,000 viewers, according to Nielson Ratings.

• During Super Bowl XLIII, NBC used 52 hi-def cameras, 450 crew members and 50 miles of camera and microphone cables needing 45 vehicles for the big production.

• Based on the average audience, according to Nielsen, Super Bowls account for eight of the top 15 most-watched television programs ever.

• First “Million-Dollar Minute” was during Super Bowl XIX when 30-second spots topped $500,000.

• On the Sunday of Super Bowl XL, traffic to increased 1,564% over the average of the four previous Sundays.

Price for 30-second commercial









Playing the Market

While there’s no reason to believe that a professional football game should have any connection to the stock market, few indicators are better known on Wall Street than the Super Bowl Theory. The Super Bowl indicator holds that a victory by an NFC team or an original (pre-1970 merger) NFL team—the Browns, Colts, and Steelers — point to a bullish market the following year. An AFC victory signals a bearish drop in the market. The Super Bowl Theory has been an accurate indicator 38 times in 46 seasons.

QB Numbers

Twenty-six of the 92 starting quarterbacks have worn No. 12. Three times two No. 12s have met in the game. Roger Staubach faced Bob Griese once and Terry Bradshaw twice.

W-L Records for QB numbers:

No. 12 is 14-12

No. 7 is 5-8

No. 16 is 7-2

No. 8 is 5-2

• No. 19 is the only undefeated QB jersey number at 1-0.

• No QB has ever worn No. 1, 2 or 6. Jay Cutler, Matt Ryan and Cam Newton could be the first.

Names and Numerals

Tickets for the matchup between the New York Jets of the AFL and the Baltimore Colts of the NFL in January 1969 referred to the event as the Third World Championship Game. But the Super Bowl name was beginning to stick and became official with Super Bowl III. Lamar Hunt, fascinated with the name and liveliness of a Super Ball that was a favorite toy of his children, was the original advocate of the name.

The Roman Numeral designation began with Super Bowl V. They were adopted to clarify confusion that could result because the game is actually played in the calendar year following the regular season. Numerals I through IV were added later.

Figures Don’t Lie 

• Super Bowl teams with fewer turnovers than their opponents are 34-3 (.919).

• Super Bowl teams with the time of possession advantage are 34-12 (.739).

• Super Bowl teams with the most time-consuming scoring drive during the game are 36-10 (.783).

By the Numbers

3,581,385: Fans have walked through the turnstiles to watch Super Bowl games. The largest crowd was 103,985 at Super Bowl XIV at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

2: Networks (CBS and NBC) that televised Super Bowl I. The two networks alternated televising the game until ABC joined the fray for Super Bowl XIX. NBC and CBS have each televised 17, ABC seven and Fox six.

49.1: Highest rating from Nielsen for any Super Bowl (XVI).

15: Super Bowls in which Pat Summerall was behind the mic, both as an analyst and play-by-play voice. John Madden is second with 11, Al Michaels and Dick Enberg have eight, Curt Gowdy (7), Phil Simms and Frank Gifford (6).

14: Super Bowl winners that have failed to make the playoffs the following season. Eight have repeated as Super Bowl champs. The last was New England in Super Bowl XXXIX.

6: Super Bowl wins for the Pittsburgh Steelers, the most for any franchise. San Francisco and Dallas are tied with five.

6: Super Bowls in which Mike Lodish played, the most for any player. (Buffalo and Denver)

2: Players — Preston Pearson and Bill Romanowski — to have appeared in the Super Bowl with three different teams. 

5: Super Bowl wins for Charles Haley, the most by any player.

4: Super Bowls won by coach Chuck Noll of Pittsburgh, the most of any coach. 

54: Yards of the longest field goal in Super Bowl history. Steve Christie of Buffalo kicked a 54-yarder in XXVII.

414: Passing yards in Super Bowl XXXIV for Kurt Warner of the St. Louis Rams, the most in history. Warner also holds the second- and third-most yards in Super Bowl history with 377 in XLIII and 365 in XXXVI.

122: Passes attempted by Joe Montana in four Super Bowls without throwing an interception.

0: Punts returned for a touchdown in Super Bowl history.

8: Kickoffs returned for touchdowns in Super Bowl history.

0: Shutouts in Super Bowls history.

5: Safeties in Super Bowls history.

602: Yards gained by Washington in Super Bowl XXII vs. Denver, the most yards in history.

119: Yards gained by the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl IX vs. Pittsburgh, the fewest yards gained in any Super Bowl.

18: Passes attempted by Miami total in its back-to-back Super Bowl wins in VII and VIII over Washington and Minnesota.

2: Games played without any turnovers. (Buffalo-New York Giants, XXV and Tennessee-St. Louis, XXXIV)

2: Times a team has punted just once in a Super Bowl. Ironically, both teams accomplished it in the same game (Atlanta-Denver, XXXIII)

1: Game in which both teams returned a kickoff for a touchdown. (Baltimore-New York Giants, XXXV)

4: Teams that have managed to get through a game without being flagged. (Miami VI, Pittsburgh X, Denver XXIV, Atlanta XXXIII)

-10: Largest deficit ever overcome to win a Super Bowl.

3: Griffin brothers (Archie, Ray and Keith) to appear in a Super Bowl.

$12: Most expensive ticket for Super Bowl I between Green Bay and Kansas City in Los Angeles. 

$600: Least expensive ticket for Super Bowl XLVI.

338: Media credentials issued for Super Bowl I in Los Angeles.

5,156: Media credentials issued for Super Bowl XLVI in Indianapolis.

10: Super Bowls held in NOLA, tied with South Florida for the most of any metropolitan area.

5Coaches to take two different teams to the Super Bowl. (Don Shula, Dick Vermeil, Dan Reeves, Bill Parcells and Mike Holmgren)

22-24: Record of the team that sins the coin toss.

Youngest QBs to Win a Super Bowl

1. Ben Roethlisberger, 2005 Pittsburgh Steelers (23 years, 340 days)

2. Tom Brady, 2001 New England Patriots (24 years, 184 days)

3. Joe Namath, 1968 New York Jets (25 years, 226 days)

4. Joe Montana, 1981 San Francisco 49ers (25 years, 227 days)

Super Logistics

• There were 15 buses used for special groups at Super Bowl I; 150 buses at Super Bowl VII; and 1,100 buses and 500 limousines at Super Bowl XXI.

• The Miami International Airport added 100 extra commercial flights to the schedule for Super Bowl XXIX. 

• There were 400 helicopter landings at San Diego Jack Murphy Stadium for XXII.

Super Demographics

According to the Associated Press, 80 percent of Super Bowl ticket holders are in executive, management, professional, or sales positions; 35 percent attend the game on corporate expense accounts; 27 percent own their own companies; 25 percent are corporate officers; and 22 percent are on boards of directors.

Party On

• There are 7.5 million parties on Super Bowl Sunday, with 43.9 million party-goers (National Retail Federation)

• 1.5 million TV sets will be sold the week leading up to Super Bowl (National Retail Federation)

• Super Bowl is the top at-home party event of year, ahead of New Year’s Eve (Hallmark Cards, Inc.) 

• Super Bowl Sunday is the second-largest day of food consumption behind Thanksgiving (American Institute of Food Distribution) 

• Antacid sales increase 20 percent the day after Super Bowl (7-11 stores) 

• Super Bowl weekend is the slowest weekend for weddings (NFL)

Stop the World…I Want to Watch Football

• Long-distance telephone calls decrease 50 percent during a Super Bowl, but rise at halftime.

• San Francisco police reported arrests for minor crimes dropped from an average of 360 daily to 96 on the day of Super Bowl XVI between the 49ers and Cincinnati Bengals.

• Dallas water department officials reported water pressure dipped by five pounds during television commercials carried on the telecast of Super Bowl VI, in which the Cowboys defeated the Dolphins 24-3.

Roadies Take the Stage

• Time to set up the stage and sound and lighting for a rock concert at Qualcomm Stadium: 2-3 days

• Time to set up and break down the stage for the Super Bowl XXXVII halftime show, including the 12-minute show itself: 27 minutes

• Number of crew members needed to accomplish this: 2,500

No Vacancy?

For Super Bowl XXXIX, the city of Jacksonville docked five cruise ships along the St. John’s River, adding the equivalent of 3,667 hotel rooms, housing 6,400 people.—Florida Times-Union

New Year, New Party

Image placeholder title

Typically, on Super Bowl Sunday, Americans will eat 30 million pounds of snacks including:

• 11.2 million pounds of potato chips 

• 8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips 

• 4.3 million pounds of pretzels 

• 3.8 million pounds of popcorn

• 2.5 million pounds of nuts 

Potato chip intake alone will account for 27 billion calories and 4 million pounds of fat—the weight of 13,000 NFL offensive linemen.

—Calorie Control Council and Snack Food Association

Replace the chips with veggie trays and fruit bowls. Instead of soda and beer, serve natural fruit juices, tea and water. Your waist line will love you for it.

Chick Magnet

A 35-year-old man with two tickets to Super Bowl XXXVII posted an ad on a Bay Area website seeking a “gorgeous young date” to go to the game with him. Within two hours, the man received five offers.

—San Francisco Chronicle

All-Lost-Madden Team

When John Madden was coaching the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XI at the Rose Bowl, he was so wound up on game day he forgot something: a half-dozen of his players.

“I’d changed the itinerary, the time we were supposed to leave, and I just told the buses to leave,” Madden said. “I got so excited, I just got on the bus and said, ‘Take off.’ We got to the stadium, and I couldn’t find the players. They were afraid because they thought they were late and missed the bus. But I knew I lost them. As a head coach, you can’t go around and say, ‘Hey, I lost six players!’ One of them was John Matuszak, and he was like 6-8, 310 pounds. How the hell do you lose him? You can’t admit it if you’re the head coach. But here I am playing hide-and-go-seek before the damn Super Bowl.”

—New Orleans Times-Picayune

Super Bowl MVP Imports

Hines Ward, born in South Korea, and Mark Rypien (Canada) are the only Super Bowl MVPs born outside of the United States.

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