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2020 NFL Draft Order

2020 NFL Draft Order

2020 NFL Draft Order

The 2020 NFL Draft will take place entirely online from April 23-25 as the ongoing coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced the NFL to cancel its plans to hold the event in Las Vegas.

Following Kansas City's victory over San Francisco in Super Bowl LIV, the first 32 picks are locked in. There could be more trades before the start of the draft (if not during it) but here's where each team is slated to pick when the first round starts on April 23. Remember, some teams have multiple picks because of trades, which also means several teams will be sitting the first night out.

Here is the rundown of where each team will be picking in the first round with their 2019 regular-season record in parentheses.

1. Cincinnati Bengals (2-14)

2. Washington Redskins (3-13)

3. Detroit Lions (3-12-1)

4. New York Giants (4-12)

5. Miami Dolphins (5-11)

6. Los Angeles Chargers (5-11)

7. Carolina Panthers (5-11)

8. Arizona Cardinals (5-10-1)

9. Jacksonville Jaguars (6-10)

10. Cleveland Browns (6-10)

11. New York Jets (7-9)

12. Las Vegas Raiders (7-9)

13. San Francisco 49ers (via 7-9 Indianapolis Colts)

14. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (7-9)

15. Denver Broncos (7-9)

16. Atlanta Falcons (7-9)

17. Dallas Cowboys (8-8)

18. Miami Dolphins (via 8-8 Pittsburgh Steelers)

19. Las Vegas Raiders (via 8-8 Chicago Bears)

20. Jacksonville Jaguars (via 9-7 Los Angeles Rams)

21. Philadelphia Eagles (9-7)

22. Minnesota Vikings (via 10-6 Buffalo Bills)

23. New England Patriots (12-4)

24. New Orleans Saints (13-3)

25. Minnesota Vikings (10-6)

26. Miami Dolphins (via 10-6 Houston Texans)

27. Seattle Seahawks (11-5)

28. Baltimore Ravens (14-2)

29. Tennessee Titans (9-7)

30. Green Bay Packers (13-3)

31. San Francisco 49ers (13-3)

32. Kansas City Chiefs (12-4)

How is the draft order determined?

At its most basic level, the NFL makes its draft order by ranking teams from worst to best. That means ranking teams first and foremost by their regular-season record.

For the non-playoff teams, that's easy. The first 20 selections are ranked by record, and the tiebreaker goes to the teams with the easiest strength of schedule. For example, the 6-10 Jaguars had a .484 strength of schedule, while the 6-10 Browns had a .533 mark. That reflects more poorly on the Jaguars that they ended up with the same record, so they earned the ninth pick, while the Browns will pick 10th.

Things get slightly more complicated for the 12 playoff teams. Unlike the NBA, where the regular season determines the draft order, the earlier a team is knocked out of the NFL playoffs, the earlier they will pick in the draft.

Picks No. 21-24 go to the four teams knocked out in the Wild Card Round, ranked by their regular-season record (tiebreaker is once again strength of schedule). Picks No. 25-28 go to the teams who lost in the Divisional Round. The 29th and 30th picks go to the teams who lost in the conference title games, while the final two picks belong to the Super Bowl teams.

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