2020 NFL Draft Profile: Justin Herbert

Herbert's stock has been on the rise throughout the pre-draft process

Justin Herbert's decision to return for his senior season at Oregon has only helped improve his stock for the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. Not only did he lead the Ducks to a Pac-12 title and win in the Rose Bowl, but he also impressed at both the Senior Bowl and NFL Scouting Combine. Herbert's stock has been on the rise since the fall will that carry over to him being a high first-round pick?


Justin Herbert Draft Profile

College: Oregon
Class: Sr.
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 225


Strong Points

Physically, all the traits are there and then some. Herbert is built like a linebacker with the athleticism and arm talent to threaten as a passer and a runner. He’s good in the pre-snap phase, and he delivers the ball with excellent accuracy and placement at the short and intermediate levels. He also has the arm strength and touch to drop it in the bucket when throwing over the top. He has the requisite arm strength to fit the ball into tight spaces at the deep-intermediate level and the ability to keep zip on his throws from a muddy pocket. He’s comfortable throwing on the move and on designed movement and second-reaction plays. While he can become faster processing after the snap, he was asked to make a lot of full-field reads in Oregon’s offense, and he played in a system that wasn’t very QB-friendly, surrounded by weapons who struggled to separate.


Weak Points

Herbert gets fidgety with his mechanics when the pocket gets muddy, and his accuracy and decision-making suffer as a result. He has to become more efficient and more confident working through his reads, especially against NFL defenses that will challenge him more in the pre-snap phase. He also needs to put the driver back in his bag every once in a while and throw with better touch.



It’s easy to see the ceiling considering the physical traits, and he’s more pro-ready than he gets credit for. He might always have some rough edges when it comes to decision-making, but if a coaching staff creates defined reads and he becomes more comfortable within the pocket, franchise QB potential is there.


Final Grade: 1st round


2016 9 2 5 1,936 7.6 63.5 19 4 161 2
2017 8 6 2 1,983 9.6 67.5 15 5 183 5
2018 13 9 4 3,151 7.8 59.4 29 8 166 2
2019 14 12 2 3,471 8.1 66.8 32 6 50 4
Career 44 29 13 10,541 8.2 64 95 23 560 13


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