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2020 NFL Draft Profile: Mekhi Becton

2020 NFL Draft Profile: Mekhi Becton

2020 NFL Draft Profile: Mekhi Becton

Mekhi Becton looms large in the upcoming 2020 NFL Draft. Not only is the former Louisville left tackle a giant of a man, he's also expected to be one of the first, if the not the first, offensive lineman to be taken when the first round commences on April 23. And given how deep this year's class of offensive tackles go, that's saying something.

Mekhi Becton Draft Profile

College: Louisville
Class: Jr.
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 360

Strong Points

To put it bluntly, he’s simply enormous. Becton has supersized length and girth, but he also showed some exceptionally nimble feet as he dropped weight over his collegiate career. But the size is what will catch everyone’s eye, especially when it is combined with his movement skills — he’s simply a mountain to get around working on the outside, and no one is going to move him once he drops anchor. He’s a mauler in the run game, with the strength to reset the line of scrimmage, and he’ll swallow up defenders when climbing to the second level.

Weak Points

The biggest concern might be weight — he played at 350 last year but has been 370-plus in the past. The staff that drafts him will have to make sure he sticks with a conditioning and nutrition plan. He becomes less effective in the run game the further he moves out into space and is better off working in a power scheme that relies more on gap blocking and inside-zone. He has to get better with hand placement against more slippery edge rushers.


Guys this big aren’t supposed to move like Becton does. Assuming he maintains his weight in the 350-pound range, he should step in as an immediate starter with game-changing potential.

Final Grade: 1st round

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