2020 NFL Draft Profile: Nate Stanley

Stanley's experience in a pro-style offense at Iowa should help him find a home in the NFL

Nate Stanley's combination of physical abilities and the experience he gained at Iowa make him one of the more intriguing quarterback prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft. A three-year starter for the Hawkeyes, Stanley should be able to make the transition to the NFL fairly seamlessly. And while he may not offer elite arm strength or athleticism, he has enough size and familiarity with a pro-style offense that he will probably hear his name called at some point during the second day of the draft.


Nate Stanley Draft Profile

College: Iowa
Class: Sr.
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 235


Strong Points

Stanley has a collection of NFL traits and comes from a pro-style offense and a program respected by NFL coaches. He has good size and requisite arm strength for the next level. He’s at his best in the play-action game, where he shows good ball handling and the ability to quickly diagnose after turning his back to the action. Along with possessing good athleticism, flexibility and balance, he’s good on the move and can process well on the run. He throws well moving to his right. He’s willing to stare down the gun barrel and absorb contact.


Weak Points

He lacks elite arm strength and athleticism, but Stanley’s bigger issues are with downfield accuracy and placement on deep intermediate throws. His deep ball lacks zip late. He doesn’t have ideal arm talent for throwing from a muddy pocket and is much worse going to his left than to his right.



Stanley is a high-floor prospect who should be at least a quality backup, and his experience in play-action makes him a fit for plenty of offenses. He could end up a quality starter.


Final Grade: 3rd/4th round


2016 7 0 0 62 6.9 55.6 0 0 0 0
2017 13 8 5 2,437 6.9 55.8 26 6 -115 0
2018 13 9 4 2,852 7.2 59.3 26 10 4 1
2019 13 10 3 2,951 7.4 59.4 16 7 7 1
Career 46 27 12 8,302 7.2 58.3 68 23 -104 2


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