2020 NFL Draft Profile: Shea Patterson

Patterson's athleticism and improvisational ability should help him get a shot in the NFL

Shea Patterson is one of the more athletic quarterbacks in the 2020 NFL Draft. But he has a long way to go when it comes to the finer points of playing the position, starting with how he operates in the pocket. Patterson is definitely a project but his physical attributes should help him appeal enough to a team to take a chance on him.


Shea Patterson Draft Profile


College: Michigan
Class: Sr.
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 205


Strong Points

Twitchy, athletic and creative, Patterson proved capable of making plays in and out of structure at the collegiate level. He has a bigger arm than you’d expect, with enough zip to test tight windows and the ability to connect over the top of a defense. He has a quick release and does a nice job staying ready to throw when moving within the pocket. He’s enough of a running threat to make plays when he escapes the pocket and in the zone-read game.


Weak Points

He needs to be far more disciplined in the pocket. His movement, while improving, is still an issue, as his instinct seems to be moving back to create space rather than stepping up — he too often compromises the integrity of the play design. His arm talent isn’t great, and he needs to develop better touch throwing over the linebacker level.



The tools are there, and the ability to make something out of nothing is intriguing. But he needs to show a better feel for playing on-schedule before he gets on the field in the NFL.


Final Grade: 4th/5th round


2016 3 1 2 880 6.7 54.5 6 3 169 0
2017 7 3 4 2,259 8.7 63.8 17 9 -16 1
2018 13 10 3 2,600 8.0 64.6 22 7 273 2
2019 13 9 4 3,061 8.0 56.2 23 8 50 5
Career 36 23 13 8,800 8.0 60.3 68 27 476 8


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