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30 Best Brothers, Sisters and Twins in Sports


The Harbaugh Brothers are hogging — or Har-gging or whatever — all the attention at Super Bowl XLVII. But little Johnny and Jimbo aren’t the only tikes in the backyard turned titans in the world of sports. Here’s a rundown of the top 30 sets of active athlete siblings, with the combined accomplishments of the top 10 brothers, sisters and twins.

1. Manning Brothers
Peyton Manning, QB, Denver Broncos (36)
Eli Manning, QB, New York Giants (32)

91,014 passing yards
647 TD passes
15 Pro Bowls
3 Super Bowl wins
3 Super Bowl MVPs
2 No. 1 overall picks

Archie and Olivia’s boys — you know, Cooper’s younger brothers — are still the standard. Both Peyton and Eli are former No. 1 overall picks, Super Bowl MVPs and Saturday Night Live hosts.

2. Williams Sisters
Venus Williams, Tennis (32)
Serena Williams, Tennis (31)

10 Wimbledon singles titles
6 U.S. Open singles titles
5 Australian Open singles titles
2 Olympic Gold singles medals
1 French Open singles title

5 Wimbledon doubles titles
4 Australian Open doubles titles
3 Olympic Gold doubles medals
2 U.S. Open doubles titles
2 French Open doubles titles

Everyone thought Richard was the craziest cook in Compton, Calif., when he was training Venus and Serena. Everyone still thinks he’s a loon, but his unorthodox style resulted in a pair of champions.

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3. Harbaugh Brothers
John Harbaugh, Coach, Baltimore Ravens (50)
Jim Harbaugh, Coach, San Francisco 49ers (49)

78–33–1 regular season record
11–5 postseason record
1 Super Bowl win (pending)

Jack’s coaching career included an FCS national title at Western Kentucky. Impressive. But one of his boys is about to win the Super Bowl, while the other will lose the NFL’s big game. Unbelievable.

4. Klitschko Brothers
Vitali Klitschko, Boxing (41)
Wladimir Klitschko, Boxing (36)

104–5 record
91 KO
6 Heavyweight title belts (WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO, IBO, Ring)
1 Olympic Gold medal

The Ukrainian fighters weigh in at 6’8”, 245 pounds and 6’6”, 245 pounds, respectively. But the heavyweight champs will never fight each other — despite the fact that it would be a pay per view goldmine.

5. Bryan Twins
Bob Bryan, Tennis (34)
Mike Bryan, Tennis (34)

6 Australian Open doubles titles
4 U.S. Open doubles titles
2 Wimbledon doubles titles
1 French Open doubles titles
1 Olympic Gold doubles medal
1 Olympic Bronze doubles medal

The greatest doubles tennis team in the history of racket sports, Bob’s the lefty and Mike’s the righty — that’s how you tell the identical duo apart. Together, they’ve won a record 13 Grand Slam titles.

6. Sedin Twins
Daniel Sedin, LW, Vancouver Canucks (32)
Henrik Sedin, C, Vancouver Canucks (32)

5 All-Star Games
2 Olympic Gold medals
2 Art Ross Trophies
1 Hart Memorial Trophy
1 Ted Lindsay Award
Nos. 2-3 overall picks

The cerebral Swedes are identical twins with a seemingly telepathic connection on the ice. Henrik is the passer and Daniel is the scorer — but both ginger geniuses look a little like Vincent van Gogh.

7. Gasol Hermanos
Pau Gasol, C, Los Angeles Lakers (32)
Marc Gasol, C, Memphis Grizzlies (27)

5 NBA All-Star Games
4 Olympic Silver medals
2 NBA championships
1 Rookie of the Year Award

The Spanish 7-footers were traded for each other back when Pau was an All-Star and Marc was his baby-fatted kid brother. Times have changed. Pau is on the trade block and Marc is the All-Star.

8. Kalil Brothers
Ryan Kalil, C, Carolina Panthers (27)
Matt Kalil, LT, Minnesota Vikings (23)

4 Pro Bowl appearances
2 Morris Trophies
2 First-team All-America

Two of the best young O-linemen in the NFL, Ryan and Matt were both named Pac-12 lineman of the year at USC. That’s great and all, but everyone really just wants to talk about their mom, Cheryl.

9. Upton Brothers
B.J. Upton, CF, Atlanta Braves (28)
Justin Upton, LF, Atlanta Braves (25)

312 Stolen Bases
226 Home Runs
2 MLB All-Star Games
1 Silver Slugger Award
Nos. 1-2 overall picks

After the Braves signed Bossman Junior to a five-year, $75-million free agent deal, they turned around and traded for little-but-bigger Justin. Their next move should be to acquire Kate Upton (no relation).

10. Busch Brothers
Kurt Busch, NASCAR (34)
Kyle Busch, NASCAR (27)

48 Cup Series wins
3 Rookie of the Year Awards (Cup, Busch, Truck)
1 Cup Series championship
1 Nationwide Series championship

The troubled but talent Busch bros are known as much for their hot tempers as they are for their hot wheels. Kurt is a former Cup champ; it’s only a matter of time before Kyle joins those ranks.

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11. Boateng Brothers
Kevin-Prince Boateng, M, A.C. Milan (25)
Jerome Boateng, D, Bayern Munich (24)

In the 2010 World Cup, Prince played for Ghana and Jerome suited up for Germany.

12. Harrison Twins
Andrew Harrison, G, Kentucky signee (18)
Aaron Harrison, G, Kentucky signee (18)

John Calipari has already locked up the blue-chip twin talents for Big Blue Nation.

13. Dillon Brothers
Austin Dillon, NASCAR (22)
Ty Dillon, NASCAR (20)

Richard Childress’ grandsons are on the fast track — with Austin driving Dale’s No. 3.

14. Jones Brothers
Arthur Jones, DE, Baltimore Ravens (26)
Jon Jones, MMA fighter, UFC (25)
Chandler Jones, DE, New England Patriots (22)

“Bones” is a mixed martial artist, while Arthur and Chandler are both sack artists.

15. Lopez Twins
Brook Lopez, C, Brooklyn Nets (24)
Robin Lopez, C, New Orleans Hornets (24)

Following in the pine tree footsteps of Stanford twin towers Jason and Jarron Collins.

16. Pouncey Twins
Maurkice Pouncey, C, Pittsburgh Steelers (23)
Mike Pouncey, C, Miami Dolphins (23)

Maurkice is more talented but Mike lives in Miami, where there’s way more talent.

17. Staal Brothers
Eric Staal, C, Carolina Hurricanes (28)
Marc Staal, D, New York Rangers (26)
Jordan Staal, C, Carolina Hurricanes (24)
Jared Staal, RW, Charlotte Checkers (22)

Quantity outweighs quality with these Thunder Bay, Ontario, thunder-stick clappers.

18. Molina Brothers
Jose Molina, C, Tampa Bay Rays (37)
Yadier Molina, C, St. Louis Cardinals (30)

The mystique of the Molina family name results in overrating; plus Bengie just retired.

19. Davis Brothers
Vernon Davis, TE, San Francisco 49ers (28)
Vontae Davis, CB, Indianapolis Colts (24)

Vernon (6’3”, 250) and Vontae (5’11”, 205) are like Schwarzenegger and DeVito, right?

20. Brownlee Brothers
Alistair Brownlee, Triathlon (24)
Jonny Brownlee, Triathlon (22)

Alistair is a member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire; Jonny is not.

21. McCourty Twins
Devin McCourty, S, New England Patriots (25)
Jason McCourty, CB, Tennessee Titans (25)

Did Devin and Jason pull a Parent Trap this year, when Devin moved from CB to FS?

22. Zeller Brothers
Luke Zeller, F, Phoenix Suns (25)
Tyler Zeller, F, Cleveland Cavaliers (23)
Cody Zeller, F, Indiana Hoosiers (20)

Are there any more Zeller boys coming up? They keep getting better and better.

23. Plumlee Brothers
Miles Plumlee, F, Indiana Pacers (24)
Mason Plumlee, F, Duke Blue Devils (22)
Marshall Plumlee, C, Duke Blue Devils (20)

Like the Zellers, only less talented and all alums of Coach K’s school of hardwood.

24. Curry Brothers
Stephen Curry, G, Golden State Warriors (24)
Seth Curry, G, Duke Blue Devils (22)

Dell’s sons inherited their old man’s 3-point stroke but mom Sonya is the real star.

25. Ryan Twins
Rex Ryan, Coach, New York Jets (50)
Rob Ryan, Defensive Coordinator, TBD (50)

Buddy’s boys would have been ranked higher in years past — or like five minutes ago.

26. Molinari Brothers
Edoardo Molinari, Golf (31)
Francesco Molinari, Golf (30)

The Italian maestros are have strikingly different swings but similar disappointing results.

27. Jerry Brothers
Peria Jerry, DT, Atlanta Falcons (28)
John Jerry, G, Miami Dolphins (26)

Imagine dinner with the Jerrys, who live large at 295 and 345 pounds, respectively.

28. Landry Brothers
Dawan Landry, S, Jacksonville Jaguars (30)
LaRon Landry, S, New York Jets (28)

LaRon is jacked up and hyped up, but on game days it’s Dawan who actually shows up.

29. Trufant Brothers
Marcus Trufant, CB, Seattle Seahawks (32)
Isaiah Trufant, CB, New York Jets (30)
Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington Huskies (21)

Desmond is quickly moving up draft boards and might join Marcus as a first-round pick.

30. Mowen Sisters
Justine Mowen, Beach Volleyball (26)
Jordan Mowen, Beach Volleyball (23)

Australian blondes will take their bikinis to Brazil for the 2016 Olympics — hopefully.