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5 Largest Head Coach Age Differences in Super Bowl History

Sean McVay, Los Angeles Rams and Zac Taylor, Cincinnati Bengals from 2019 NFL season

Super Bowl LVI head coaches Sean McVay and Zac Taylor are close friends and former colleagues that are both trying to win a Lombardi Trophy early in their respective careers

There's plenty of familiarity and not much of a difference in age in the Super Bowl LVI head coaching matchup between the Cincinnati Bengals' Zac Taylor and Los Angeles Rams' Sean McVay. Taylor coached under McVay from 2017-18, meaning he was a part of the Rams' team that lost Super Bowl LIII to New England. Now, three years later, the close friends will go head-to-head for the Lombardi Trophy.

Less than three years (two years, eight months, 14 days to be exact) separates the coaches in terms of age, meaning this Super Bowl matchup will not be of the old vs. young variety, like the ones listed below. In fact, if McVay (who is younger than Taylor) wins on Feb. 13, he will surpass Pittsburgh's Mike Tomlin as the youngest head coach to ever win a Super Bowl. Tomlin led the Steelers to a win in Super Bowl XLIII on Feb. 9, 2009 just a little more than a month shy of his 37th birthday. McVay just turned 36 on Jan. 24.

Here are the biggest age differences among the head coaches in Super Bowl history.

5. Super Bowl XXX: Barry Switzer and Bill Cowher (19 years, 7 months, 3 days)

If you had told Switzer in January 1994 that he would be coaching the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl two years later, he probably would have laughed in your face. Yet the former Oklahoma Sooners head coach was doing just that thanks to a falling out between owner Jerry Jones and head coach Jimmy Johnson. Switzer’s team beat fourth-year coach Cowher’s Pittsburgh Steelers in one of the most surreal Super Bowls ever.

4. Super Bowl XXXIV: Dick Vermeil and Jeff Fisher (21 years, 3 months, 26 days)

After 15 years in the broadcast booth, Vermeil returned to the St. Louis Rams at the age of 60. Three years later, he led them to the Super Bowl, where they beat 41-year-old Fisher’s Tennessee Titans thanks to a last-second, goal-line tackle.

3. Super Bowl LIV: Andy Reid and Kyle Shanahan (21 years, 8 months, 25 days)

To give you a sense of the age difference in this rivalry, Reid was 4-4 against Shanahan's father, Mike. However, that says more about Reid's longevity than Shanahan's youth. The last time Reid went to the Super Bowl was with the Philadelphia Eagles 15 years ago. The only head coach with a longer gap between Super Bowls is Dick Vermeil, who spent 15 years as a broadcaster.