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Aaron Hernandez's Family Could Make Millions as a Result of His Death


There's talk in some circles that Aaron Hernandez's apparent suicide is not what it seems.

Some close to the former Patriots tight end say he would never take his own life, while others suggest he may have done this for the eventual benefit of his family. Thanks to Massachusetts law the guilty verdict Hernandez received in 2015 for the murder of Odin Lloyd may be voided, and in death he could be perceived as an innocent man. Hernandez filed to appeal and ended up passing away before the whole process could play out.

Attorney Michael Coyne made the argument that even though the Patriots were able to stop payment to Hernandez after he was convicted, his estate may be able to receive the money since he's technically seen as an innocent man. The story gets a little complicated and The Boston Globe points out the irony of Hernandez's estate getting the money that was kept away from him as an incarcerated man. Obviously the family is grieving the death of Hernandez, but it's an interesting tidbit to keep in mind for the future as the family of Lloyd is unlikely to halt their case against him.

This could possibly be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Hernandez story.