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Aaron Rodgers Reacts To Packers Remaining Quiet On Trade Deadline Day

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Aaron Rodgers

Perhaps the biggest surprise of a wild few days leading up to the NFL trade deadline was that the Green Bay Packers didn't get in on the action.

The Packers have lost four games in a row and an offense led by Aaron Rodgers has struggled, so they were widely expected to seek some help via the trade market, particularly at wide receiver.

Instead, while two other teams in the NFC North added pass-catchers, the Packers stood pat.

Rodgers spoke on Thursday about the team's inactivity for the first time since Tuesday's trade deadline. According to Ryan Wood of USA Today, Rodgers was kept in the loop by general manager Brian Gutenkust and he understands why Gutenkust never pulled the trigger on a deal.

"The compensation for whatever players we were going after just didn't make sense," Rodgers said, according to Wood. "So I trust Brian, and we had some good conversations. We were in on some things. It just didn't pan out.

Reports have emerged since Tuesday that the Packers pursued former Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Chase Claypool, offering a second-round draft pick in exchange. But the Steelers ultimately sent Claypool to the Chicago Bears for the same offer because they believe Bears' pick will come before the Packers'.

According to Wood, Rodgers was asked whether he believes the Packers needed to make a trade to contend this season, and he replied, "that's not my area of focus."

His focus is now on trying to turn the season around with the players the Packers do have. Green Bay will face the Detroit Lions on Sunday.

"Brian didn't think whatever was out there was worth whatever was required of what was given up," Rodgers said. "That just sends a message to us that we've got to play with the guys we've got and win with the guys we've got."