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Al Michaels Sends Clear Message About Tonight's Bears vs. Commanders Game

Al Michaels

Al Michaels might actually retire if tonight's Bears vs. Commanders game is as bad as last week's Broncos-Colts game. He's only kidding, of course; well, we think he's kidding. 

Recent Thursday night games in the NFL haven't been great. The Colts vs. Broncos games was one of the worst we've seen in a while. 

Unfortunately it doesn't get much better this evening with the Bears hosting the Commanders. The two teams are a combined 3-7 on the season. 

Michaels, 77, jokes he might call it a career if tonight's game is as bad as last week's. 

"If we don’t have a better game than we had last Thursday, then I may retire,” Michaels said. “I’ve done pretty close to 800 NFL games, and with all due respect, guys are trying. I understand and we all know that, but that was grim."

Unfortunately, things aren't off to a great start in this one. The Bears and Commanders found little offensive success on their opening drives tonight. 

Hopefully Justin Fields and Carson Wentz can have some big plays through the air. 

Catch Al Michaels and Kirk Herbstreit on the call on Prime Video.