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Alex Smith On Ron Rivera's Quarterback Comment: 'I Had A Really Hard Time Watching That'

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Alex Smith

Alex Smith is not happy with his former football coach, Ron Rivera. 

This Monday afternoon, Rivera made a stunning admission about Washington Commanders quarterback Carson Wentz.

He said that Wentz is the sole reason the Commanders aren't keeping pace with the rest of the NFC East. 

Smith thinks Rivera is out of line for the blunt comment about his starting quarterback.

“I had a really hard time watching that,” Smith said on ESPN, via Pro Football Talk. “When I heard it, I couldn’t believe it. I’m not here to defend Carson Wentz. He’s had a tumultuous career and ups and downs. But this is a defensive head coach that’s absolutely driving the bus over his quarterback.”

He adds, “The blame has got to be spread around. This is a team sport. It is the ultimate team sport. How can a head coach stand up there in front of the media and utter one word, and it’s ‘quarterback’?”

Alex Smith is right. Ron Rivera took things too far. It's not just Carson Wentz's fault the Commanders stink. 

Rivera, meanwhile, can make a quarterback change if he's that unhappy with Wentz's play. That'd be better than publicly humiliating your starting quarterback. 

If Rivera benches Wentz the Commanders can start Taylor Heinicke.