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Angry Kyler Murray Video Goes Viral Thursday Night

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray blew a gasket at his head coach, Kliff Kingsbury, during Thursday Night Football this evening. 

Late in the first half, the Cardinals were trying to get a play off. Kingsbury appeared to be screaming from the sideline for Murray to snap the ball. 

However, the Cardinals instead took a timeout. 

As Murray made his way to the sideline he appears to scream at Kingsbury: "Calm the f--k down!" A video his outburst is going viral on social media. 

Wow. You rarely see an NFL quarterback treat his head coach like that. He was really upset. 

Most of Kyler Murray's frustrations likely boil down to the Cardinals' struggles on the offensive end this season. Arizona was supposed to compete for an NFC West title but look nothing like a playoff team so far. 

The good news is it's pretty clear Murray wants to win football games. However, he's not going to let Kingsbury get in his way.