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Angry Patrick Mahomes Video Goes Viral On Monday Night

Patrick Mahomes

A video of an angry Patrick Mahomes went viral on Monday night. 

Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback, is almost always able to keep his composure during football games. 

However, he lost his cool on Monday night during the Chiefs vs. Raiders game. 

Mahomes appeared to be animated because of an interaction he shared with Raiders defensive lineman Maxx Crosby. 

Crosby and Mahomes head-butted after a play in the second half, but no penalty was called. 

Maxx Crosby was allowed to do this with no flag but we lost a game for words? I'd love an explanation on that, but officials don't have to answer questions after these games.

The Raiders clearly got under Patrick Mahomes' skin last night, but he got the last laugh. 

The Chiefs escaped with a thrilling 30-29 victory. Josh McDaniels' decision to try for two points cost his team the game.