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Antonio Brown Posts Screenshot Of Blunt Text From Tom Brady

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown

Tom Brady and Antonio Brown

Tom Brady has gone to bat for Antonio Brown several times in the past few seasons. 

In his last year in New England, Brady supported and vouched for Brown to sign with the Patriots after the receiver was traded from the Steelers and cut from the Raiders. However, after Brown sent intimidating texts to a woman accusing the receiver of sexual misconduct, the Patriots cut him after just one game. 

When Brady left New England for Tampa Bay, he recruited Brown once again. This time, after nearly two seasons with the Buccaneers, Brown became frustrated and quit on the team in the middle of their matchup with the New York Jets. 

Today, a text message from Brady to Brown dating back to 2021 was posted to twitter, highlighting some of the quarterback's feelings towards the troubled wide receiver. Check out Brady's text to Brown here.

"So is Antonio Brown attempting to make Tom Brady look like the bad guy here? Because he comes across as a damn good friend here..." Toucher and Rich tweeted Tuesday. 

The text message, sent back in May of 2021, appears to show Brady was tired of Brown's "selfish" and "erratic" behavior. 

"You are demonstrating very poor decisions and poor communication to so many people who have gone above and beyond to help you," Brady said. "When I met you, you were humble, willing to learn and anxious to improve things in your life." 

According to Brady, though, Brown's appetite to better himself didn't last very long. 

"Unfortunately you have reverted very much back to a young immature man that is selfish, self serving, irrational and irresponsible. I for one, am disappointed in many behaviors over the past few months," the Bucs' quarterback said to Brown. 

Brady then explained that Brown started associating with the wrong group of people. 

"You have gone from hanging around good people that had genuine interest in seeing you succeed, to seeing others whose lives are erratic and out of control and leading you down a negative path," said Brady. 

The text from Brady is surfacing just days after Brown made disrespectful comments towards the quarterback and his recent divorce from Gisele Bünchden. 

While Brown's professional football career is over for the time being, Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have won two straight games and are looking to extend that streak to three this weekend against the Cleveland Browns.