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Athlon Sports' 2019 NFL Preview Magazine is Available Now

Athlon Sports' 2019 NFL Preview Magazine

Athlon Sports' 2019 NFL Preview Magazine

The Athlon Sports 2019 Pro Football Annual kicks off another season of NFL action with sideline-to-sideline coverage of all 32 teams. Look for it on your local newsstand this week or order your copy now!

So what's inside? In “15 Things to Watch in 2019,” we celebrate the arrival of the electrifying Kyler Murray, discuss the suddenly relevant Cleveland Browns and assess the defending champion New England Patriots in the twilight of the Tom Brady era, among other compelling storylines. 

Speaking of the Patriots, their dynasty hasn’t happened by accident. They know how to exploit every tiny competitive advantage. In our feature “Gaming the System,” we look at how New England has used the compensatory pick rules to their benefit. 

Clock management is among the most maddening aspects of pro football for coaches and fans alike, as situational awareness can mean the difference between victory and defeat. We put the NFL’s game managers under the microscope in our feature “Beat the Clock.” 

We can’t look ahead to 2019 without discussing 2018’s breakout player. Patrick Mahomes took the NFL by storm last season, changing and elevating the way the game’s most important position is played. In our feature “Mahomes Magic,” we discuss the impact that this singular superstar is having on the NFL.

As always, the 2019 edition features team-by-team previews from beat writers nationwide, along with player rankings, depth charts, schedules, stats, fantasy football insight, analysis from the 2019 NFL Draft, a look back at the 2009 NFL Draft and a betting guide to the upcoming season. 

The Athlon Sports Pro Football Annual is the most comprehensive preview available today.

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