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Baker Mayfield Has Blunt Message About Panthers' Week 1 Loss

Baker Mayfield, Carolina Panthers

Baker Mayfield tried to make a statement in his official Carolina Panthers debut last Sunday, but unfortunately fell short. To make matters worse, the loss came against his former team, the Cleveland Browns. 

Overreactions are running wild ever since, and Mayfield is well aware. However, he's not going to overreact like everyone else is and act like Week 1 was the Super Bowl.

"Everybody made this out to be the Super Bowl, but despite what everybody is going to make this, there are 16 more games," Mayfield said, via "The Super Bowl is not until February, and this is the beginning of September."

He's right. The Panthers have plenty of time to get this right. They can start this Sunday vs. the New York Giants. 

Baker Mayfield is hoping he and his teammates can take a big jump from Week 1 to 2 and come away with a win. 

"In terms of distractions and specific questions, yeah, just to get back into a routine," Mayfield said Wednesday. "That goes for Week 2 of any year and the anticipation leading up to the opener. No matter who you're playing, there are going to be a ton of questions about all the changes in the offseason, the schemes, the players, and new faces.

"It's just a matter of how you handle it, how you learn from Week 1 to Week 2. It can be your biggest jump of the year, and you can learn from those mistakes; the great teams and franchises learn from that, they improve, and they continue to push forward, realizing it's a long season ahead."

Mayfield and the Panthers battle the Giants of New York this Sunday afternoon.