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Bears Fans Are Furious With Refs For Missed Pass Interference Call

Bears vs. Commanders

Refs have no issue calling roughing the passer penalties lately. Pass interference, on the other hand, is drawing no flags as of late. 

Chicago Bears fans are furious with tonight's refs. 

On third down and goal late in the fourth quarter, refs clearly missed a defensive pass interference call against the Washington defense. 

A play later the Bears failed to scored a touchdown, sealing the Commanders' victory in the process. A video of the missed call is going viral on Twitter this Thursday night. 

Fans are furious:

"I still think that was pass interference on third down. I don’t care if the defender was fighting for the ball. He hit Pettis early," said Pro Football Talk.

"That’s a really convenient time to not throw a pass interference penalty," wrote Bleacher Nation Bears. 

"We get it you guys hate us but like dude my guy is getting bent like a pretzel and thats not pass interference @NFLOfficiating," said WindyCityUpdate.

"That is the most textbook pass interference I’ve ever seen. Why do we even play if the refs are gonna do this every game. #WSHvsCHI," said Honest Bears Fan.

"The refs gave the Commanders 2 very questionable pass interference calls to help them score 3 points in the first half, and then don’t call a very obvious PI here. It’s just sad," wrote Steven.

The Commanders come away with the 12-7 victory in Chicago tonight. 

However, the Bears might have won the game had refs called a clear defensive pass interference on the Commanders.