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Bears Safety Eddie Jackson Confused By Front Office's Strategy Following Chaotic Trade Deadline Day

Eddie Jackson, Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears were one of the league's most active teams prior to Tuesday's NFL trade deadline.

After a 3-5 start to the regular season, Chicago decided to trade pass-rusher Robert Quinn to the Eagles as well as moved linebacker Roquan Smith to the Baltimore Ravens. Additionally, the Bears acquired Steelers' wide receiver Chase Claypool. 

One Bears' defender, however, doesn't seem to understand why Chicago would want to cut ties with two crucial defensive leaders. 

While speaking with the media Wednesday, Bears' safety Eddie Jackson voiced his opinion on the moves, saying:

"Your thoughts start to go through your head like, 'What are we playing for?' Is their vision (in the front office) still the same as the players? We're trying to make it to a Super Bowl, get to the playoffs, things like that. Like I said, I'm not upstairs. I get it. I understand it. But it just hits different."

The article which featured Jackson's quote also included Bears head coach Matt Eberflus' reaction to the deadline moves:

"It's just transparency," said Eberflus Wednesday. "I think that's important. You just communicate. Look each other in the eye and tell the truth and communicate. I think that's what we do with all the guys. I think they appreciate that. It's right there on the table. Just set it up there and talk about it."

Eddie Jackson also mentioned that in light of the moves, "the older guys got to step up." Jackson, a six-year NFL veteran and two-time Pro Bowl selection, will likely need to be one of the "older guys" that steps up to fill the void created by moving Robert Quinn and Roquan Smith.

The Bears' defense will have a difficult challenge in Week 9 as they prepare to take on the high-flying Miami Dolphins offense.