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Bill Simmons Has Blunt Admission On Patriots' Ugly Monday Night Loss

Report: Bills Simmons is Leaving ESPN

Bill Simmons 

The New England Patriots suffered their worst loss of the season on Monday Night Football yesterday, falling to the Chicago Bears 33-14. 

Both the Patriots' offense and defense struggled in the defeat, and combined with several questionable coaching decisions, many around the league seem to be a bit more hesitant on the outlook in New England. 

Bill Simmons, founder of "The Ringer," took to twitter last night and shared his thoughts on what he called an "awful" loss with "abysmal" coaching. 

"Truly awful Patriots loss. Absolutely demolished on D. Coaching was abysmal on both sides. Starting rusty/limpy Mac at home was dumb. Just a debacle. Eberflus did a great job too," Simmons said following New England's Monday Night Football loss. 

One of New England's coaching decisions receiving criticism this morning is how the team handled their quarterback situation.

After initially giving Mac Jones the start, the Patriots appeared to bench him in the second quarter for rookie Bailey Zappe. While neither quarterback performed great in the game, many are wondering why Jones was given such a short leash in Monday night's game.

Further, it appears both New England quarterbacks were left in the dark coming into the game, evidenced by Bailey Zappe not knowing Mac Jones was starting the game until minutes before kickoff. 

"When did Bailey Zappe find out Mac Jones was starting this game? 'About the same time y'all did'," Alex Barth tweeted postgame Monday. 

New England will need to shore up their quarterback situation before their matchup in Week 8 with the New York Jets.