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Bill Simmons Sends Clear Message On Nathaniel Hackett, Brandon Staley

Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett

Monday Night Football between the Chargers and Broncos is officially into overtime as regulation ended with both teams tied at 16. 

While the first half gave us some exciting moments from Russell Wilson and Chargers' kicker Dustin Hopkins, the second half turned out to be a defensive struggle with coaching blunders on both sides that were painful to watch. 

Bill Simmons, founder of "The Ringer," seems to agree.

"Chargers-Broncos for the 2022 Dumbass Championship let’s go to OT!!!" Simmons tweeted during the 4th quarter of Monday Night Football.

Simmons, who appears to share the same sentiment as many NFL fans tonight, followed up as the coaching errors continued into the overtime period:

"'Timeout taken by the Chargers who were not quite ready to field the punt.' This OT is already amazing," Simmons continued. 

Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett has been under fire since Week 1 of this NFL season. Hackett and Denver decided to attempt a 63-yard field goal instead of going for a fourth down and five to win the game with newly-acquired Russell Wilson at quarterback. 

After losing another winnable game in overtime tonight in Los Angeles, Hackett's seat just got that much hotter.