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Brady Quinn Makes His Opinion On Zach Wilson Very Clear

Brady Quinn.

Much of the NFL media expects Zach Wilson to make a major jump in his second NFL season. However, Brady Quinn doesn't see it happening; in fact, he's one of Wilson's biggest critics. 

Quinn recently spoke at length about the New York Jets quarterback. He's confused why the former BYU star continues to get so much love from the media without doing anything to deserve it. 

He goes on to express concerns about Wilson's size, his lack of experience playing against good teams in college and tendency to stare down his targets. Quinn also believes the Jets would be a much better football team with Jimmy Garoppolo under center. 

"Despite the injury, Zach Wilson looked awful in that preseason game. Can we just acknowledge the media continually to try to make Zach Wilson something? The media wants this to work out so badly, and it's kind of tough to listen to, quite honestly," said Quinn. "I've never seen a QB get so much love from the media for doing less, than Wilson in a long time. Once he got selected in the draft, I had my concerns; he's smaller so he's subject to injury, he didn't playing against elite schools in college, and he's staring down targets. All of these things have played out. I hope he recovers from this, but I don't get the media love. They'd be good with Jimmy Garoppolo at QB, but they won't make that move because they've invested so much in Zach Wilson."

Wow. Brady Quinn certainly doesn't hold anything back there. He has a point, though. 

Zach Wilson has proven nothing in his NFL career so far. But the media treats him like he's one of the top second-year quarterbacks. 

Wilson will try and prove Quinn wrong this upcoming season. But first, he's going to have to get healthy.