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Brandon Staley Addresses Justin Herbert's Potential Injury During Postgame Press Conference

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback exits the game with an injury.

The Los Angeles Chargers practically suffered two losses vs. the Chiefs tonight. One was on the scoreboard. The other was a potential injury to Justin Herbert. 

Herbert took a big hit from a Chiefs defender during the fourth quarter. He was in serious pain immediately after and couldn't get to his feet for a few minutes. Even after reentering the game he was clearly bothered my his left-midsection area. 

Head coach Brandon Staley commented on Herbert's injury during his postgame press conference just moments ago. 

"Brandon Staley says Justin Herbert 'is ok. It was a tough game. You're not going to see a quarterback in any level of football play tougher...there's nobody that can do what he can do,'" said Staley, via Bridget Condon. 

He's right. What we saw from Justin Herbert tonight was nothing short of spectacular. Few players possess the kind of leadership and toughness the former Oregon star possesses. 

Hopefully Herbert gets healed up in a hurry. It's just Week 2 and the Chargers can't afford to fall too far behind the top of the AFC West. 

The Chargers will try and get back in the win column on Sept. 25 against the Jacksonville Jaguars.