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Brandon Staley Is Getting Crushed For His Significant Decision Tonight

Chargers head coach Brandon Staley

In the past, fans have crushed Chargers head coach Brandon Staley for being over-aggressive in key moments. However, tonight he's being a bit too conservative, at least according to NFL fans. 

The Chargers offense is having plenty of success against the Kansas City defense tonight, at least through two quarters of play. But Staley didn't trust Justin Herbert and Co. in one key moment of the game. 

Staley opted to punt on a fourth-and-two at the Chiefs' 47-yard line in the first half. It was an odd decision by a head coach known for his risk-taking tendencies. Plus, the analytics said the Chargers would have gotten the first down 57 percent of the time with those circumstances. 

Since when did Brandon Staley become a conservative head coach?

With that being said, Staley has a legitimate defense now. Punting isn't the worst thing in the world when you have a defense that may actually step up to the plate. 

"brandon staley has a front 7 this year. it’s a lot easier to punt the ball when you know you don’t have to score on every possession," said KP. 

Maybe Staley is saving all his big risks for the second half. He's going to have to pull the trigger at some point. 

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