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Breaking: Arrest Warrant Issued For Former NFL Star Antonio Brown

Former NFL WR Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown

The last time football fans saw Antonio Brown on a field it was under bizarre, yet fitting circumstances. In a career rife with controversies and erratic behavior, Brown infamously removed his playing attire and ran into the clubhouse flashing a peace sign. 

Brown's life off the field has followed a disturbing path of late. After being accused of sexual misconduct in Dubai mere months ago, multiple sources Thursday reported that Brown has an active arrest warrant out of Tampa, Florida. The NFL Network's Cameron Wolfe provided a screenshot with further details from the Tampa Police Department. 

As the department indicates, Brown is being sought for battery domestic violence charges. The date in which the offense took place is listed as Nov. 28. Kevin O'Donnell, a Fox reporter based in Tampa, said the alleged victim is the mother of Brown's children. O'Donnell further added that Brown may face serious legal issues stemming from this incident. 

In recent months, Brown seems to have been emboldened by his departure from the league. The Super Bowl champion and seven-time Pro Bowler has embarked on a rap career and kept social media abuzz with quips about his relationship with Tom Brady. 

But it seems Brown can't stay out of legal trouble. The 11-year league veteran has been accused myriad times of sexual misconduct and assault, often settling out of court. His erratic behavior led to a chaotic end to Brown's career, in which he landed with three organizations in the span of two years (despite being under contract, Brown never played a regular season game with the Raisers). 

None of these teams' attempts to rehabilitate Brown were fruitful, and now it appears the troubled former player may be destined for a serious court process.