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Brittany Mahomes Admits She's 'Jealous' Of The Patrick Mahomes, Travis Kelce Relationship

Patrick and Brittany Mahomes.

Who has Patrick Mahomes' heart?

Some may say his wife, Brittany. Others might argue it's his superstar tight end who just caught 4 touchdown passes on Monday Night Football. 

Regardless, Brittany Mahomes has taken notice of the close bond between the quarterback and tight end and voiced her "jealousy" in a tweet following the game yesterday. 

Kelce and Mahomes connected 7 times on Monday Night Football (8 if you include this embrace postgame), but only totaled 25 yards. 

Despite the longest reception for Kelce being 8 yards on the night, he devastated the Las Vegas defense in the red zone and grabbed four scores. 

Many wondered what the Chiefs offense would look like following the loss of Tyreek Hill in the offseason, but Kelce and company have the Kansas City offense humming. 

While Kansas City leads the league in total scoring, Kelce continues to assert himself as one of the games most unstoppable red zone targets and receivers overall.  

Brittany and Patrick Mahomes might have to discuss their relationship later on in the season, as the Chiefs will need to prepare mightily as they host the 4-1 Bills and Josh Allen this Sunday.