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Browns To Reportedly 'Consider' Trading For Jimmy Garoppolo Under 1 Condition

San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo

San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo

The Cleveland Browns have been linked to Jimmy Garoppolo ever since the San Francisco 49ers made it clear they're entering the Trey Lance era. However, trade talk has remained relatively quiet - until now. 

Per a report, the Cleveland Browns will "consider" trading for Jimmy Garoppolo, but only under one condition. That condition is if Deshaun Watson's six-game suspension is extended by the NFL. 

Roger Goodell and the NFL has appealed Watson's six-game suspension. Goodell has already admitted he's fighting to suspend Watson for a full season. 

If Watson's suspension is increased, let's say from six to 12, the Browns will then reportedly "consider" trading for Garoppolo. 

"#Browns will consider acquiring #49ers Jimmy Garoppolo if Deshaun Watson's 6-game suspension increases," said Mary Kay Cabot. 

Jimmy Garoppolo probably wouldn't skip a beat going from the 49ers to Browns. Both teams employ run-driven offenses that set up the play-action passing attack. Garoppolo would fit in nicely. 

This will ultimately boil down to Deshaun Watson's suspension, though. If it sticks at six games, the Browns should be fine moving forward with Jacoby Brissett. If increased, watch out for a Browns-49ers trade for Garoppolo.