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Bruce Arians Reveals Reason He Was Hospitalized For 4 Days Earlier This Year

Tom Brady and Bruce Arians, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tom Brady and Bruce Arians

Bruce Arians, who coached the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to victory at Super Bowl LV, has since taken a less prominent role in the public eye. As the team's Senior football consultant, fans may have wondered what the 70-year-old has been up to. 

In a wide-ranging discussion with Ira Kaufman of Joe Bucs Fan, Arians discussed the team but also gave a concerning update about his health. 

Per Arians, he was rushed to the hospital in October after experiencing what he feared was a heart attack. 

What the medical professionals at Tampa General Hospital discovered was less dire. Arians said he'd actually been diagnosed with myocarditis, an inflammation ailment with symptoms that can mimic a heart attack. 

"Thankfully, the scans showed no fluid, no heart damage and absolutely no blockages," Arians said. "They had a cardiac radiologist look at everything and they ended up giving me anti-inflammatories."

Fortunately, Arians needed just four days in the hospital before being released in time for Tampa Bay's next matchup with the Baltimore Ravens.