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Buccaneers Legend Mike Alstott Has Honest Admission On Tom Brady's Personal Life

Buccaneers fullback Mike Alstott

After defeating the Los Angeles Rams 16-13 this past Sunday, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers moved up to first place in the NFC South.

Leading the Buccaneers to victory was quarterback Tom Brady, who completed his 55th career game-winning drive by tossing a late-fourth quarter touchdown pass to tight end Cade Otten. 

Despite the slow, 4-5 start to their season, one Buccaneers legend thinks Brady's recent heroics are just the spark Tampa Bay needed to make a postseason push. 

Speaking with Fox News Digital this week, former Tampa Bay running back Mike Alstott expressed confidence that Brady and the Buccaneers will turn their 2022 season around and reenter the playoff picture by late in the season. 

When asked if Tampa Bay will compete for a postseason berth this year, Alstott said the following: 

"I do, especially with the NFC South and the way they are a little bit. There’s not one team running away with it and I think with Tom and the other veteran leadership they have on that team and the way, for the most part, their defense has been all year. I think in both phases, last game really showed they have what it takes to do this, and they need to get on a run. With Tom and the other guys, I think that they’ll get it done."

Though Alstott believes the Buccaneers have turned a corner, he also admits that Tom Brady's personal life and off-the-field drama might've played a role in Tampa Bay's early-season struggles:

"It’s difficult," Alstott said, referring to Brady keeping his personal and work life separate. "At the end of the day, though, you have to perform, and Tom would say the same thing. You gotta perform and do what he’s been doing for 20-plus years. Sometimes it’s an unfortunate situation, but you still gotta go out there and do your job and perform."

Despite holding the same record as the 4-5 Falcons, Tampa Bay owns the NFC South tiebreaker based on the Bucs' Week 5 win against Atlanta earlier this year.  

Tampa Bay will look to retain their divisional lead this Sunday with a win against the NFC West-leading Seattle Seahawks.