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Buffalo Bills Offensive Lineman Suspended By NFL For Punching Titans Coach In The Head

Buffalo Bills helmet.

A 41-7 win over the Titans wasn't enough for one Buffalo Bills player. A player from the AFC East franchise confronted a Tennessee player in the tunnel on Monday night. That player is offensive line Bobby Hart. 

Hart confronted a Titans player in the tunnel and even threw a punch. The punch missed and hit a Titans coach. It's unclear who that coach is. 

The NFL, as a result, is suspending Hart for one game. That kind of behavior simply can't be tolerated. 

"Bills OL Bobby Hart was suspended for one game as after Monday night’s win, he tried to confront a Titans player in the tunnel and threw a punch that instead hit a Titans coach in the head," said Field Yates.

It's a bit of a stunner that Bobby Hart only got one game for punching a Titans coach in the head, regardless of whether he meant to or not. It's worth a reminder Mike Evans got one game for shoving Marshon Lattimore. 

With that being said, it's fortunate this didn't escalate into something bigger. Things could have gotten bad. 

The Bills, meanwhile, look like a real Super Bowl contender after two weeks of action.