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Cam Newton: "I'm an African-American Quarterback That Scares People"


Cam Newton has never apologized for who he is. 

The Panthers quarterback talked to the media about the upcoming Super Bowl match-up with the Broncos, and said what others are perhaps too afraid to say.

"Now the true fans — they know what's up," Newton continued. "They're going to be supportive whatever happens... But people are going to judge and have their own opinion on certain things that I don't have control over nor does anybody else." 

Panthers head coach Ron Rivera mentioned that he doesn't understand why people are negatively drawn to Newton. 

"It's funny we still fight that battle based on what?" Rivera said later in the conference. "All he's done when he came in his rookie year... he had a dynamic rookie year. He was NFL (Offensive) Rookie fo the Year. He's been in conversations every year for awards. This year he's in the conversation for MVP. I still don't get why he has to be (criticized). And maybe there are some people out there who are concerned with who he is, which I think is terrible. I really do.

Rivera continued on the hopes that things will change as time goes on.

"You think in this time, this day and age, it would be more about who he is as an athlete, as a person more than anything else. Hopefully we can get past those things."