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Cam Newton is No Different Than Your Favorite NFL Quarterback


So you don't like Cam Newton? There's a lot of that going around now.

People have written angry letters, created petitions, made complaints to the police, and the list goes on in regards to the Panthers quarterback. The main "negative" point fans make about Newton is his arrogance. All of the dancing and smiling is really getting to football fans. They say it's "inappropriate" and "think of the children" but when you really think about it, don't other quarterbacks celebrate?

Aaron Rodgers has his "Discount Double Check" he uses when he's just gotten the best of his opponents.

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Carson Palmer's repeated fist-pump and hip thrust.

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What is the difference between those two and this one from Newton?

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Rodgers and other quarterbacks are praised for their "passion" but Newton's is evidently too much.

Was Newton even on the general public's radar before the Panthers had an amazing 2015 season? Of course we all knew him, but he didn't seem to be a problem until he started winning. 

A few nights ago, someone mentioned me on Twitter and said that he couldn't root for a liar and a thief, even if he does give footballs to children. This guy is a Georgia fan and is referring to the trouble Newton was in for allegedly stealing a laptop. 

Is Newton the only college quarterback to get into trouble? No. But for some reason his slip-ups seem to still follow him. Johnny Manziel, Todd Gurley, Terrelle Pryor and others all were in a bit of trouble in college but for some reason all is forgiven with them. Perhaps because none of them are on winning teams. None of them were even close to having a season like the Panthers'. NFL players are still getting into trouble and people seem to forgive and forget when they want to. Are people diving into Peyton Manning's HGH allegations or is anyone still talking about Ben Roethlisberger's multiple run-ins with the law? Probably not.

Before you claim I'm campaigning for Newton just ask yourself one question; would you hate Cam Newton as much if he played for your team and they were on the brink of winning a Super Bowl? 

Newton has a chance to become just the third primary quarterback to win in college and in the NFL, if he should go on to win the Super Bowl. Instead of tearing him apart for every thing he does, shouldn't people acknowledge the work he's put in to get the Panthers where they are?