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Cam Newton Rips Down Packers Fan's Sign, Fan Calls Him 'Ghetto' in Facebook Post


It's hard rooting for the away team during a football game. It's even harder when the star quarterback for the home team has a problem with your sign. 

During warm-ups of Packers-Panthers game, Cam Newton spotted a fan's sign with the map of North Carolina on and it read, "North Carolina Cheesehead." Apparently Newton wasn't a fan so he took it down.

Mike Dobs, a resident of North Carolina, reportedly paid $500 to have the sign made. The Panthers organization talked with the family, hoping to reach some sort of solution, but the family filed a complaint with the police over the missing sign. Here's Newton with the sign in question before the game. 

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It'll be hard to get the police in the city of an undefeated team to go after the starting quarterback, but Dobs is passionate about the sign.

Dobs' son-in-law David Sessoms called Newton "evil" and "ghetto," and posted this to his Facebook page.

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Due to the public reaction, especially because they live in North Carolina, Sessoms said he had to block two so-called friends and isn't answering any messages on social media.

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