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Celebrating Super Bowl History with New Trivia App Trivia-Fu

Sports Trivia App Trivia-Fu

Sports Trivia App Trivia-Fu

Athlon Sports & Life, in partnership with Geico, has released Trivia-Fu, a new sports trivia app to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl. The free app allows players to challenge friends or random opponents to trivia battles featuring 10,000 Super Bowl-related questions across 50 levels. Leaderboards keep track of players' progress, while points are awarded for increased levels of question difficulty (easy, medium, hard). 

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Gameplay is simple. Connect to Facebook to challenge a friend or go it alone and play against a random foe. Answer as many questions as you can to rack up points in each quarter, but remember to keep an eye on that play clock. Play smart, it only takes one wrong answer before you turn the ball over to your opponent.

Stuck on a question? No problem! Call a timeout and play a Coin Flip card to eliminate two incorrect answers, or maybe play the Substitution card to request a new question. You're limited to three timeouts per match, so use those cards wisely.

Think you know your Super Bowl trivia? Here are a few sample questions from the game to test your knowledge.

A.    Joe Namath
B.    Joe Greene
C.    Joe Montana
D.    John Madden

Medium: Which was the first team to play in three consecutive Super Bowls?

A.    Miami Dolphins
B.    Buffalo Bills
C.    New England Patriots
D.    Green Bay Packers

Hard: Who made the tackle on the “One Yard Short” play in Super Bowl XXXIV?

A.    London Fletcher
B.    Tommy Polley
C.    Mike Jones
D.    Keith Lyle

To download the app on an Apple or Android device for free, visit and start dominating the competition now.

Answers: B. Joe Greene; A. Miami Dolphins; C. Mike Jones