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Chargers Veteran Crushes Coach Brandon Staley For Wild Decision On Sunday

Chargers head coach Brandon Staley

Brandon Staley made a wild decision during the Chargers vs. Browns game on Sunday. 

Late in the game and leading by two points, the Chargers offense faced a fourth-and-two at midfield. 

Instead of punting the ball away and forcing Jacoby Brissett to drive the length of the field to try and win the game, Staley kept his offense on the field. Justin Herbert's pass on the play fell incomplete and the Browns took over with great field position. 

Chargers veteran wide receiver Keenan Allen, who missed the game with an injury, live-tweeted the game and crushed Staley for his decision. 

Miraculously, the Browns kicker missed the potential game-winning field goal and the Chargers held on to win the game. 

Had the Browns won the game, Staley might not have a job this morning. 

With that being said, Staley trusted his quarterback and put the ball in Justin Herbert's hands to win the game. Herbert couldn't deliver. 

Should Staley be at fault for his wild fourth-quarter decision on Sunday?