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Cleveland Radio Host Fired Over Jabrill Peppers Comments


Watch what you say.

One ESPN Radio host in Cleveland learned that the hard way. The Browns selected multi-dimensional player Jabrill Peppers out of Michigan, despite him testing positive for a dilute sample at the NFL Combine. Sabrina Parr, employed by WKNR in Cleveland, did not approve of the pick and explained why.

"He's on the lean and the molly," Parr said on ESPN 850. "The guy's not going to make it. He's not going to make it through the season ... He's another Josh Gordon ... I've seen it first hand from a different vantage point, and it's the same thing all over again. How are you already high of your mind, and you've only been here for a week?"

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It's a bad look to make these kind of claims without solid proof. The higher-ups felt the same way and terminated her employment shortly after hearing that.

Parr tried to say her words were taken out of context, but people weren't buying it.

She's been pretty mum since that now-deleted tweet.