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Coaching Legend Tony Dungy Is Unhappy With The NFL

Former NFL coach Tony Dungy.

Coaching legend Tony Dungy is unhappy with the NFL this week. 

The NFL's concussion protocol has come under scrutiny since Tua Tagovailoa's terrifying injury.

On Sunday night, the League's failed protocol for head injuries manifested itself. Bucs tight end Cameron Brate collided with one of his teammates, got up and ran off the field under his own power and came back a player later. He's since been diagnosed with a concussion. 

Dungy calls the NFL's concussion protocols a "broken system" that needs immediate adjusting. 

"Broken system," said Dungy. "I was on the sideline very close to Brate-obvious he had his bell rung. There’s a league appointed spotter in the press box who should stop play & alert the referee. Brate shouldn’t have been allowed to return until after an evaluation. Why didn’t that happen???"

He's right. There has to be more guidance here. 

Hopefully more people like Tony Dungy, who have a big influence in the football world, speak up. 

The health of players, both current and future, is at stake.