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Cris Collinsworth Has A Harsh Message For Matthew Stafford Following His 3rd Interception

Cris Collinsworth

Matthew Stafford is having an ugly night. The veteran quarterback threw three picks in a blowout loss to the Buffalo Bills this evening. It was an awful performance. 

After throwing his third interception of the night, Stafford took his frustrations out on the Bills defender and tackled the return man. Cris Collinsworth crushed the Los Angeles Rams quarterback after he made the tackle. 

"So, I hate to say it, but probably the highlight of the night for Matthew Stafford is this tackle," said Collinsworth. 

Ouch. Is he wrong though? Matthew Stafford had an awful night in the NFL's 2022 season opener. Cris Collinsworth wasn't the only one giving Stafford a hard time during the game, though. 

Collinsworth's partner in the booth, Mike Tirico, also has a blunt message for Stafford. He says Stafford is always going to give the opponent the ball one or two times a game. Tonight it was three.  

"He's always gonna give the other guys one or two a game," said Tirico.

Stafford and the Rams have some work to do. The Bills, meanwhile, look like the true Super Bowl contender we expected them to be.