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Dak Prescott Accused of Using Machine to Sign Autographs


Dak Prescott has a signature that everyone wants.

The Cowboys quarterback is now being accused of using a machine instead of naturally signing his name to memorabilia. According to ESPN, the company used to authenticate signatures refused to verify Prescott's handwriting on a recent set of cards.

The principal authenticator at Beckett Grading Services looked at different sets of cards allegedly signed by Prescott, and determined they were made by an autopen, which automatically writes the same exact thing in the same manner on each one. Had they been signed by a real person, it would be easy to tell a little bit of a difference between each one.

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"They had a very machine-like feel," Grad told ESPN. "You could see the starts and stops ... I immediately knew they were autopen. I've never heard of a modern athlete doing this."

The cards have been recalled and the company that makes them says they will issue ones with Prescott's actual signature on them.