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Dak Prescott Defends Mike McCarthy Amid Job Security Rumors

NFL Picks Against the Spread (ATS): Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott

No one in the Dallas Cowboys organization will say it, but it certainly seems like head coach Mike McCarthy is on a short leash. 

McCarthy couldn't lead the Cowboys to a playoff win last season, falling to the San Francisco 49ers in the opening round.

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To make matters worse for the veteran head coach, future Hall of Famer Sean Payton is not currently coaching and there's a belief he one day will again. The Cowboys could be on his short list of potential teams he tries to coach next year. 

Is it time to panic in Dallas? Not exactly. Dak Prescott came to McCarthy's defense on Thursday. 

“I’m not even really on Twitter like that. Mike’s my guy," said Prescott. "That’s the only thing that matters, is this season.”

That's exactly what a franchise quarterback should say. It's a smart move by Prescott. 

The reality is Prescott will go a long way in helping McCarthy keep his job. If the now veteran quarterback gets off to a hot start later this season, McCarthy's seat will get much cooler. 

However, if the Cowboys fall in a hole early this fall, McCarthy's job security is going to be the talk of the NFL world.