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Daniel Jones: What New York Giants Fans Need to Know About Their NFL Draft Pick

Quarterback Daniel Jones

Quarterback Daniel Jones

Now that Daniel Jones has been drafted by the New York Giants at the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville, Tenn., here's a look at what fans need to know about the 6'5", 221-pound Duke quarterback.


Jones has all the physical traits, as well as the pedigree of working under David Cutcliffe, who developed both of the Manning brothers in college. Physically, he has plus arm strength, with the pure arm talent to make strong throws from various platforms. He also shows the toughness to stand in and absorb hits while getting the ball out. Duke used a lot of quick game, and Jones is very good with ball placement and touch at the shorter levels. He also does a nice job putting air under the ball on deep throws, allowing his receivers to get under them. He’s capable of extending plays and creating late in the down, both with his arm or taking off in the run game. He’ll be able to serve as a big part of an NFL team’s run game right off the bat, a weapon in the read-option and deadly on RPOs.


Things get a little dicey for Jones if his first read is taken away. He can get sluggish with his footwork, and his accuracy suffers as he goes deeper into his progressions, as he doesn’t seem to see the field particularly well and too often won’t test available windows at the intermediate and deep-intermediate levels. A lot of his statistical production came from run-after-catch yards. He’s still something of a work in progress, and having last season interrupted by a broken collarbone didn’t help.

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Jones is like a bigger version of Mitchell Trubisky. His natural gifts will allow him to make an immediate impact if a team wants to start him early, but it will take a good tutor to get him comfortable enough to run a fully formed passing game.

Quarterback Daniel Jones