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Danny Kanell Sends Clear Message On The Davante Adams Incident

Danny Kanell.

Longtime sports analyst Danny Kanell has made his thoughts on the Davante Adams incident clear. 

Adams, the Las Vegas Raiders star, is under scrutiny for shoving a credential media member following his team's tough loss to the Chiefs on Monday night. 

The media member, a photographer, has filed a police report. Adams, meanwhile, has been charged with misdemeanor assault. 

Kanell finds the whole situation "ridiculous" and doesn't think the chargers are necessary. 

"This [Davante] Adams story continues to get more and more ridiculous. He pushed a guy. Apologized. Just move on. Anything more is just a dude trying to get a quick and easy payday," said Kanell. 

The reality is any time someone with money assaults another individual, no matter how minor it may seem, that person is going to file a police report. 

Davante Adams had no right to simply shove an individual, especially one who gets paid to essentially promote the NFL through photography. 

If Adams were to simply reach out to the individual, apologize and throw in a autographed jersey the credential media worker might drop the whole thing.