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Davante Adams Charged For Shoving Credentialed Media Worker

Raiders WR Davante Adams

This week is not going as expected for Davante Adams. 

Following a Raiders 30-29 loss to Kansas City on Monday Night Football, Adams let his emotions get the best of him and appeared to intentionally knock down a media worker. 

Even though Adams apologized twice, both in the locker room and in a tweet postgame, the Las Vegas receiver is reported to face charges tied to misdemeanor assault.  

"Davante Adams has been charged with misdemeanor assault for shoving a credentialed media worker," ESPN reports. "Adams was cited for an 'intentional, overt act' that inflicted 'bodily injury,' according to court records released Wednesday."

The ESPN report also noted the photographer suffered whiplash, headaches, and a potential minor concussion stemming from the shove. 

As of now, the NFL has not released news regarding a suspension for Adams. However, with the Raiders on a bye this week, the league will have plenty of time to find a punishment fitting for this type of incident. 

Cases of assault on the playing field have been seen before, most notably when Steelers' quarterback Mason Rudolph struck Browns' defender Myles Garrett with his helmet. 

While no formal charges were filed in that case, this situation involving media personnel might be taken more seriously.