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Davante Adams Uses 2 Words To Describe How He Feels About The Raiders' 0-3 Start

Davante Adams, Las Vegas Raiders

The new-look Las Vegas Raiders were supposed to be a top challenger for the AFC West title. But three games in, Derek Carr and Co. looking nothing like the team most of us were expecting before the season began. 

The Raiders fell to 0-3 on the year with a 24-22 loss to the Titans of Tennessee in Week 3. Davante Adams was pretty ineffective. He had just five catches for 36 yards and one touchdown. 

The good news for Adams, Carr and the Raiders is that it's still early in the season. They have the time to turn things around, but they had better do so quickly. 

Adams, meanwhile, is "angry" and "frustrated" with the Raiders' 0-3 start to the 2022 season. 

“Frustrated and angry,” Adams said, via “Expect more. It’s not easy to win in this league. We know that. Nobody’s naïve to the fact that nobody’s just going to lay down and just give you a victory, but at the end of the day we expect more and we will do better as we move forward.”

Though it's early, these next two weeks may decide the Raiders' season. They play the Broncos in Week 4 and Chiefs in Week 5. Two losses and it's going to be an improbable uphill battle for the Raiders to get back in it. 

Hopefully it's only a matter of time before Carr and Adams get things figured out. They had better hurry before these next two weeks. 

Will the Raiders get things turned around this Sunday vs. the Broncos?