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DeSean Jackson Reveals Why He Signed With The Baltimore Ravens

NFL wide receiver DeSean Jackson

Earlier this week longtime NFL wide receiver DeSean Jackson signed with the Ravens of Baltimore. 

Jackson provides speed and a much-needed vertical threat for Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore offense. 

Lamar Jackson is actually the main reason DeSean chose to sign with the Ravens. 

Lamar reminds DeSean of another electric dual-threat quarterback he used to play with: Michael Vick. 

“I’ve been keeping my eye on Lamar for a little while now,” Jackson said, via the team’s website. “I see a lot of characteristics similar to Michael Vick. He beat some of his records so obviously he’s the new era of Michael Vick. Being able to play with Michael Vick, being able to come and play with Lamar, it’s a blessing for me. I’m very excited about that.”

The Michael Vick-to-DeSean Jackson connection is still one of the most electric duos we've seen in NFL history. 

Perhaps DeSean and Lamar can form similar chemistry in Baltimore.