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Deshaun Watson's Agent Addresses NFL's Punishment Decision

Deshaun Watson, Kevin Stefanski.

Deshaun Watson has received an 11-game suspension and will be required to pay a $5 million fine. The NFL and and NFLPA reached an agreement on the punishment on Thursday morning. 

"Breaking: NFL and NFLPA reached agreement on an 11-game suspension for Browns QB Deshaun Watson, per sources. The settlement also includes a fine of $5 million that will go to charity. Deal still is not signed but it is agreed to," said ESPN's Adam Schefter.

Deshaun Watson's agent, David Mulugheta, has since responded to the NFL's punishment decision. He defends Watson, who remains adamant that he's "innocent."

Mulugheta is also "hopeful" Watson can now move on and move forward with his career. 

"Deshaun has always stated he is innocent of sexual assault. Nothing has changed in what he said. He also said he is remorseful, the decisions he made have created this situation. The settlement allows him to move forward with his life and career," said Mulugheta.

Watson will make his Browns debut in Week 13.