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Dolphins Hit Rock Bottom at Buccaneers


The Miami Dolphins off-the-field problems — or more accurately, their inside-the-locker-room issues — spilled onto the field during a miserable 22–19 loss to the previously winless Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Monday Night Football. The pinnacle of the Bucs’ season thus far coincided with what the Fins hope is rock bottom for the once-proud franchise.

Miami struggled to protect quarterback Ryan Tannehill or scrape together any semblance of a running game after right tackle Jonathan Martin left the team due to alleged “bullying” by right guard Richie Incognito, who was suspended in the wake of the accusations as well as the revelation of a profanity-laced, racially charged voicemail from Incognito to Martin. The Dolphins managed just two yards on 14 rushes for a comical 5.14 inches per carry against Tampa Bay.

What isn’t a laughing matter is the ongoing investigation regarding the so-called “hazing” of Martin by the Dolphins’ O-line and Incognito, in particular. Martin left the team last month due to “harassment that went far beyond the traditional locker room hazing,” Martin’s lawyer said.

“What’s gone on, it’s really something that couldn’t have been a worse nightmare,” said Dolphins owner Stephen Ross, whose scheduled Wednesday meeting with Martin was postponed at the request of the NFL league office. “The most important thing is that we care about Jonathan Martin.”

Incognito, who has a longstanding reputation as a dirty player, did an interview with Jay Glazer on NFL FOX Sunday, discussing the now infamous vulgar voicemail as well as his relationship with Martin, a second-year lineman out of Stanford.

“When I see that voicemail, when I see those words come up across the screen, I’m embarrassed by it. I’m embarrassed by my actions. But what I want people to know is, the way Jonathan and the rest of the offensive line and how our teammates, how we communicate, it’s vulgar. It’s, it’s not right,” said Incognito.

“When the words are put in the context, I understand why a lot of eyebrows get raised. But people don’t know how Jon and I communicate to one another.”

Meanwhile, Martin has remained out of the spotlight after spending time in a South Florida hospital for emotional distress. The Dolphins and NFL continue to investigate what transpired in Miami.

“We want to get to the bottom of it,” Ross told reporters Monday. “We want to hear what the real facts are. There’s been so much said and done to date that I don’t think anybody really knows what has happened.”

What is known is that Miami has lost five of its last six games, including an ugly loss to Tampa Bay.