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Dwayne Haskins: What Washington Redskins Fans Need to Know About Their NFL Draft Pick

Dwayne Haskins

Dwayne Haskins

Now that Dwayne Haskins has been drafted by the Washington Redskins at the 2019 NFL Draft in Nashville, Tenn., here's a look at what fans need to know about the 6'3", 231-pound Ohio State quarterback.


The stage was never too big for Haskins — the fastest riser in college football this season — and he’s oozing with franchise QB-caliber talent. His arm talent is outstanding; he can deliver the ball with velocity and accuracy at the deep-intermediate levels; and, more important, he can get plenty of zip on the ball when his feet are not set, on the move or crowded in a muddy pocket. He was effective in the quick-strike game in Columbus, showing good ball placement and touch at the shorter levels, setting up receivers for catch-and-run opportunities. He does a nice job mapping the field while he’s on the move, and he rarely lost track of backside defenders. He’s a good athlete who moves well within the pocket, and he rarely breaks himself down and takes off for no reason. He’s also good enough as a runner to be featured on the occasional zone-read play.


As a one-year starter, Haskins is going to have growing pains early in his NFL career. For most quarterbacks, it’s the second year starting when they have to adjust to defenses taking away the things they’ve done best on tape — Haskins won’t experience that until he’s facing NFL defenses. While he has more than enough arm, his downfield accuracy is fairly unknown due to the fact that the Buckeyes often had receivers running wide open behind defenses. Haskins will have to prove he can drop it in the bucket.

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There’s always inherent risk with a one-year starter, and he might get off to a rocky start before he hits his stride at the next level, but Haskins stands near the top of this year’s quarterback draft class. 

Dwayne Haskins