Eagles Players Blast Donovan McNabb After Carson Wentz Criticism

"Nobody respects you."

Donovan McNabb is making headlines among Eagles fans, but not for the right reasons.


During an appearance on The Zach Gelb Show, the former Philadelphia quarterback had an interesting take on Carson Wentz that got everyone talking.


"He hasn't been healthy," McNabb said. "He hasn't really proven, to me, besides the year before he got hurt in his first year, really the MVP candidate. He needs to get back to that mode ... If he can't get out of the second round, they should look to possibly draft another quarterback, because they just don't know about his durability ... They put so much of their eggs into their basket with Carson Wentz and he's got to prove that in the next two years."


Obviously this didn't sit well with the team and they quickly took to social media to defend their quarterback. 



Johnson explained his point further in his interview with SportsRadio 94WIP.


"Every training camp we have all of these ex-players come and shake our hands, wish us good luck then they just go out and talk hate," Johnson said. "You would think the best quarterback in franchise history would try to build up a young man that looks up to him instead of always criticizing him, critiquing him and wishing he would fail so he could be the missing link and feel better himself. That is what I don't like." 


Even Philadelphia receiver Freddie Mitchell couldn't resist taking a shot at McNabb.



If and when McNabb does return to Philly, things may be a bit awkward, to say the least. 

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